Color N' Glow

Insert a stencil into your Color ’n Glow Design Station and use the special 3D glow markers to color and create your very own glowing 3D images!

Magically transforms your pictures into glowing real 3D images that become a vibrant multi dimensional creation. With the unique combination of UV light and phosphorescent markers, kids can create artwork that glows and will jump off the screen.

With this great double sided board, kids can trace practically anything, or even play games such as tic tac toe in real 3D against their friends! Draw your designs, put on your 3D glasses, turn off the lights and watch the board light up like never before!

Ages 4+

Main unit comes with:

  • Special design glow easel,
  • 2 Dual color fluorescent markers,
  • 4 Tracing stencils,
  • 1 Pair of 3D Ultra Vision glasses.

Design Packs (Refills):

  • Comes in an assortment of themes including Astro Adventure, Jungle Paradise, Hello Kitty, Sponge Bob, and Dora!
  • Contain 8 unique tracing designs
  • 1 Unique dual color fluorescent marker.
  • 1 Pair of 3D Ultra Vision glasses.

Color N Glow products are available at:

  • MasterMind Toys